On vacation, tourists find a sick, stray dog and immediately knew they could not leave her behind

When they went to Bali, Indonesia, for a vacation, the last thing that Georgie Brearly and Dean Chard expected to find was a sick, abandoned dog. They were headed to breakfast when they saw the dog in a garden attached to the building. She was in horrible condition, and the couple was the only hope that this unfortunate soul had left.
“We found her [the dog] ... in a garden attached to the restaurant and opposite a rice field,” Brearley explained. “We saw her poke her head out from under a gate, and we straight away noticed the condition she was in and thought that we could not leave her there.” The dog was ill and badly in need of help. Brearley and Chard stepped in to be this dog's hope.
The dog was suffering from a skin condition, most likely mange, and was clearly in discomfort and pain. With no hair on her body and cracked, bleeding skin, this dog was suffering with every breath she took.
The couple named the dog Moksa after the restaurant near where they found her. They set about trying to rescue her, but they had to win Moksa's trust first. “Fortunately, we happened to have some dog biscuits with us as we had been giving [them to] some of the local dogs some of the time,” Brearley said. “When we first tried to approach Moksa, she ran away and was very nervous.”
Moksa continued to run away, but Brearly and Chard followed her until she finally let them approach her. “When I tried to stroke her by reaching out my hand, she cried out in fear,” Brearley said. “We spent around an hour just sitting near her and feeding her biscuits whilst getting closer. Eventually, I was able to stroke her.”
Once she gained Moksa's trust, Brearley picked the dog up in her arms and carried her into the restaurant. Seeing her just laying on my lap, so exhausted and content after being so fearful of us an hour before, was quite emotional,” Brearley said. “It made us wonder how long she had been alone, and how much she wanted affection from humans, but had most likely only had unpleasant experiences.”
The couple contacted the Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) to ask if they could help Moksa. The group immediately took Moksa in, as she was a Balinese street dog, an ancient breed that is nonetheless frequently poisoned and killed by the Indonesian government in an effort to stop the spread of rabies.
At BARC, Moska was placed into immediate medical care, and her health was touch-and-go for some time.
When she was finally healthy enough to be placed in a foster home, she found one of the best to live in. “I have laughed, cried and gone crazy from sleepless nights but looking at that face and those eyes makes this all worth it,” said Cari Dziadowicz, Moksa's foster mom. “She’s strong and a fighter so I have to be also. I don’t know if I did anything this worthwhile all year.”
Brearley and Chard visited Moksa at BARC every day for the rest of their vacation, and they shed some tears when they had to say goodbye. We feel incredibly grateful to BARC, and that they were so fast in responding to us when we got in touch,” Brearley said. “We would have not really known what to do otherwise. We contacted another rescue first but they told us that they couldn't help.”
“She really is in the best place, and having spent some time at BARC whilst visiting Moksa, it is clear how needed charities like them are in Bali,” Brearley stated. “She doesn't seem to be out of the woods yet, but she looks like she is making great progress and we hope she has a bright future ahead of her.”
Indeed, Moksa has made significant progress with foster mom Cari's loving care, and hopefully this little pup will have a permanent home in the near future! Thanks to the compassion and love of a couple and the volunteers at BARC, Moksa has a chance for a happy life. Share this incredible story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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