Woman found cat covered in dirt with matted fur only to discover this cat had a surprise

A woman named Lyne was walking through the cold streets of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, in the fall of 2017 when she came upon a young female calico tiger cat. The long-haired yearling kitty was roaming the street, meowing for attention from any passerby.
Feral cats are often too shy to accept help let alone seek it. But as soon as the woman called to her, the kitty immediately came over and jumped in her arms. She was filthy from a life on the street but very friendly. She never stopped purring or rubbing her head against her benefactor.
Lyne decided to take her in. She named her Katnyss and brought her to the vet. But Katnyss had a surprise for her. It was there Lyne discovered that Katnyss was about to become a mom! She was pregnant and soon gave birth to three kittens -- Betty, Lola and Verlaine -- on October 4, 2017.
The Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Kitten Orphans of Montreal) took in the little family to foster, and Katnyss turned out to be a great mom.
She also never stopped being affectionate toward humans, which helped socialize her kittens as well.
The kittens have since been weaned and can look forward to being adopted out to their fur-ever homes once they reach 10 weeks old.
Katnyss is a hero mom cat. Her actions ensured that her babies would find homes and never have to live on the streets the way she grew up.
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