Bobtail kitten saved by rescuer and goes back to get her brother to reunite them

The weather was getting cold as the caretaker of a feral cat colony fed and watered the cats who lived there. Then he saw a pair of bobtailed kittens and knew they needed to be sheltered from the weather.
Though they had been there since birth, they were just too little to make it on their own through the winter. So he went into rescue mode, first getting the little girl bobtail to safety and then going back to get her brother.
The little girl, named Snowdrop, was turned over to Alley Cat Rescue in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, where she immediately found a foster family. Her little brother, though, needed some help to be ready for such a big step. He didn't look so good. He was very underweight and one eye was so infected it was crusted shut.
Not only did he need medicine to heal his eye, but he was just not, shall we say, fastidious. A bath was sorely needed, and although he didn't like it, he didn't resist too hard.
"He had to be cared for 24/7 by one of our staff members. He came to us very lethargic with an eye infection and parasites. We named him Mistletoe because he is too cute to resist kissing," Brianna Grant of Alley Cat Rescue said.
Fortunately for Mistletoe, he was rescued before he could get any sicker. Meanwhile, Snowdrop was becoming accustomed to indoor life. Her personality blossomed under the attention. Hopping like a little bunny, she demanded constant acknowledgment, which her humans were eager to give. "She is a drop of sunshine! She is very brave and not scared of new people," they said.
Soon Mistletoe was ready to reunite with his sister. After a little hissing and growling, the siblings realized just who "that other cat" was, and started getting along again.
Now they're inseparable. When they're a bit older, they will be ready for adoption. For now, they're just happy to be back together again.
Watch the video of their sweet reunion. And what do you think? Would you be willing to adopt two kittens who only wanted to stay together? Hopefully, someone will want to keep these two side-by-side as they acclimate to a new home when the time comes!

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