Poor pooch was starving for food and affection but after getting both she is on the mend

Aadya's tale is a strange one. On October 11, a man in Witchita, Kansas, reported finding an emaciated dog in the alley behind his house. Vincent Currie awoke to hear a neighbor's dog barking and went to check it out. As he stepped outside his house, he said he saw a dark van pulling away. Someone had dumped something in the alley, so Currie went to investigate. What he saw, he told KAKE Witchita, was heartbreaking. “I could feel every single bone inside of her body.” Not only was she starving, she was afraid of people, too.
Currie called Beauty & Beasts Rescue, who sent someone to pick the skeletal pup up. The shelter staff was astonished. All her bones were visible, and her skin seemed stretched almost to the breaking point. They named her Aadya, which means "first power" in Sanskrit. Immediately, they got veterinary care for her at Witchita Emergency and Specialty Hospital.
Currie filed a police report and the police asked for help finding the person who had abandoned Aadya is such awful condition. Currie spoke to the news, expressing his disgust at the people or person who would allow a dog to come to this. That's when the story took a strange twist. As the investigation progressed, it led police right back to Currie. His story was a made-up lie. In fact, it was Currie himself who had neglected Aadya so badly! He was charged with animal cruelty and filing a false police report.
Meanwhile, Aadya was being cared for by the good folks at Beauty & Beasts. They paid for her veterinary care, which included surgery to remove a corncob from her intestines. Neither the vet nor the staff at the shelter held out much hope for her recovery. But she surprised them all!
It would take an experienced foster family to help the pup overcome her past. That's when she met Mark Walker and Jeff Mosch in mid-October. They took her in and started a Facebook group called Aadya's Journey to document her progress and raise support in her name for Beauty & Beasts Rescue.
Not only was Aadya in bad physical shape, but her traumatic past left her shy of people, too. It took lots of love and cuddles to gain her trust, but she's come a long way under the care of Jeff and Mark.
“If a rescue group had not stepped in to provide the financial backing for her treatment/surgery, she wouldn’t be here today,” Jeff says. Although he and Mark receive accolades for saving her, they give the credit to those who cared for her at the shelter and veterinary clinic, and the many others who contributed to her welfare. “We are getting so much credit for her but we have the easy job; we just get to love her," he said.
Aadya's Journey / Facebook
Jeff and Mark have two other adopted dogs, Kenya and Riley, who took to Aadya right away. They love to see the three of them lying together on the couch. When asked if they would adopt Aadya, their answer was guarded. “We haven’t made a decision there yet. We decided to contribute to Aadya’s expenses and foster her in memory of Kona, our 10.5-year-old Golden Retriever that we lost to cancer on September 19th,” said Jeff. If they decide to keep her, it will make it difficult for them to foster any other dogs, as they would already have three.
As Aadya heals and recovers, people from all over have shown great concern for her progress. In fact, her Facebook group has raised over $4,000 for the rescue group who saved her. Now 3,400 Facebook followers have a vested interest in her.
Although Aadya's story is a strange one, it does point to the innate goodness in most people. Even Currie, who starved and neglected her, in the end, couldn't stand what he, himself, had done.
What do you think? Who are the real heroes in this story? It took many dedicated people to help give Aadya's tale a happy ending. Now that Christmas has come around, perhaps your own Facebook followers would like to share her story and maybe kick in a few dollars to help other dogs recover from broken pasts. Beauty & Beasts tries to help every animal that needs them. You can donate here to help these amazing people do their jobs!

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