Saved from a trash can this stray kitten now has a home for the holidays and a Christmas tree

It's a holiday story sure to warm your heart, and it started, believe or not, in a trash can. If you have small children, chances are you know who Oscar the Grouch is and where he lives. That's right; in a trash can. It's enough to make anyone grouchy.
The hero of our story may have started life out in a trash can like his namesake, but he wasn't doomed to stay there! Meet Oscar the tabby kitten.
Someone who had heard the Christmas story wasn't going to leave this baby out in the cold! A good Samaritan in Logan County of West Virginia rescued Oscar from the trash can and set him on a new path in life.
Itty Bitty Kitty Committee in Charleston, West Virginia took him in on October 12th, just about ten weeks before Christmas. He quickly gave himself over to the petting and cuddles of the people in the rescue.
"He was friendly and loved everyone. He didn't know a stranger," Dorella Tuckwiller of Itty Bitty Kitty Committee said. Whoever the Scrooge was who left him all alone in a trash bin was not successful at removing the Christmas spirit in his heart.
His foster home had other kitties he could play with as well as humans who gave him all the love and attention he craved. And then his "mom" did something amazing...
...she put up a Christmas tree! Now, what cat can resist the heady smell of pine needles and the twinkling of Christmas lights? Not Oscar, for sure! His foster humans knew that Oscar deserved a forever home for the holidays, so they posted his story on Facebook.
And what do you know, a kind couple took him in just before the holidays! "Yesterday, he traveled to his new home. He was quiet on the trip over, like he knew he was starting an exciting new chapter in his young life," Dorella said.
Oscar now has had his dream come true: a forever home with a loving family who simply melts when he purrs and gives them that special smile! They will celebrate their own Christmas story this year, from a trash can to a home all his own. What a way to celebrate!
Share Oscar's story. Maybe it will encourage someone you know to open her heart and home to an animal who may not have been by the manger, but certainly carries the love and spirit of the holiday in his heart! And as Tiny Tim would say, "God bless us, every one!"

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