Stray kitten brought to vet clinic and one employee couldn't leave her shift without him

The tiny kitten was just a week and a half old when he was found in a feral cat trap. His mother was not around. Animal control rushed him to the nearest veterinarian office hoping that someone there would know what to do. If they couldn't find anyone to help, they would euthanize the kitten.
Enter babybrobeans, the receptionist at the clinic where the kitten was brought. She took one look at the little guy and realized she had to do everything she could to give him a chance at a happy life.
"He was about one and a half weeks old when he was brought to my work all alone - Little folded down ears and beady eyes. Surprise! The services brought him in with the saying, 'if no one can take him, we'll have to put him down," babybrobeans shared on her Imgur page.
Fostering a kitten would be a challenge, but babybrobeans felt she could handle it, and so she adopted the kitten whom she named Simon. "Having lost my cat of 18 years a few years before, I was ready for a new fur baby," she confessed.
First, the kitten had to endure a couple of flea baths because he was riddled with the parasitic pests. Then came the impeccably timed, 24-7 feeding schedule that babybrobeans had to follow to make sure the kitten survived. "It was an adventure in and of itself. When he wasn't screaming for food, poops, or attention — he slept on everything you wanted to use," she recalled.
Bit by bit, the kitten got stronger with babybrobeans' loving and diligent care. "I kept bringing him back to work for checkups, which included a couple doses of dewormer just in case and making sure he was gaining the right amount of weight," she said. "I was determined to keep his belly round and his kittening curiosity growing."
That kitty curiosity has grown right along with Simon's weight! This little guy now loves to zoom around the house, lay on the warm computer keyboard, and, of course, nap!
In particular, Simon loves to snuggle up with a favorite toy. "He doesn't go far without his piggy. He's all tuckered out after some zoomies around the room," babybrobeans shared.
Babybrobeans is thankful to have this unplanned kitten in her home and her life, even as he wreaks havoc around him. "He's a rambunctious kitty now getting way too long and attacking everything in sight but I wouldn't trade him for the world," she said. "I love my surprise kitten Simon."
Congratulations Simon! Enjoy your life being loved and spoiled. Share this sweet story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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