Dog has lived his whole life outside behind a chain link fence but thankfully someone stepped in

Did Santa bring you everything you wanted for Christmas? Well, for one five-year-old pit bull, she got more than she'd ever known even existed! The black pit bull had spent all of her life in a cold, concrete pen surrounded by a chain-link fence. She'd never known anything different, so when her life finally changed, she was in heaven.
Her family realized that they weren't caring for her properly, so they surrendered her to a shelter, where she was then transferred to Fur Friends in Need, a rescue group in New Jersey. A kind lady named Millie Acosta took her in as a foster and taught her some things that all civilized dogs should know.
Things like getting a belly-rub is a nice way to spend some time. That playing fetch is lots of fun, and that a comfy dog bed is much preferable to sleeping on the cold ground.
She went everywhere with her foster mom, even to yoga practice. Acosta wanted to expose her to the world around her and also let people see how kind and gentle she was.
Everywhere Acosta went, the grateful pit bull went, too. Then one day, life got even better.
Nicole and Jamie Greene were a nearby couple who were trying to get over the death of their beloved pit bull, Ellie. Ellie had changed their outlook on the breed that has had such a bad reputation. She was so sweet and people just naturally fell in love with her. Once she passed on, the Greenes and their other dog, Charlie, needed a new fur buddy to love.
"Jamie and I were searching for a member to add to our family. We were fairly insistent on adopting a pit bull because we love them so much and believe that they are fantastic dogs," Nicole said. That's when they met the heroine of our story. Giving her the name Bailey seemed just right for their new family member.
Fur Friends in Need always makes home visits before they place an animal in a new home, and when it took a week for them to work it into their schedule, the Greenes waited impatiently. Finally, right before Christmas, Bailey came home to live with her forever family.
Jamie and Nicole had looked everywhere for a pit bull to become their new furbaby, and when they met Bailey, it was love at first sight. "She met Charlie," Greene said. "Once that went well, she sniffed around, played in her new yard and got comfortable in her new home."
"She loves sleeping right between Jamie and me every night so far," Greene said. Bailey received pajamas for Christmas, but the best gift anybody at the Greene's house received this year was the gift of love. Love for a hapless pit bull who'd spent her whole life outside and love for the family—including Charlie—who took her in. What a joyous holiday!
What did you get for Christmas? There's still a couple of days to visit a shelter before the new year and find your own miracle story. Share Bailey's story with your friends and help spread the word that there's a special fur buddy waiting just for you, too!

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