Special needs pup just celebrated a very special milestone thanks to its cat "mom"

Marie DeMarco is an expert at rescuing and caring for orphaned kittens and special needs cats, but a recent turn of events brought a unique little dog into her life who has stolen her heart. Meet Sasha, an adorable puppy who has hydrocephalus as well as a cleft palate and lip. With DeMarco's loving care, Sasha is overcoming the incredible odds stacked against her and on her way to living a full, happy life.
DeMarco works with the FURRR 911 rescue organization, and while she usually has her hands full caring for felines, Sasha was a dog she just had to help. DeMarco could see that Sasha was fighting to live, and she thought the tiny puppy would fit right in with the cats at the rescue.
“She has been a fighter from day one and has surmounted multiple obstacles in her short time on this planet,” DeMarco said. “As her foster mom, I have worried and fretted, lost lots of sleep, gained several new grey hairs, but none of that matters when I look into her eyes.”
Sasha's life was hanging in the balance as she fought off a serious upper respiratory infection. The poor puppy had a fever, an eye infection, nasal congestion, and was vomiting. She began to lose weight, and as she is only two pounds as it is, she couldn't afford to lose any at all! After antibiotic treatment failed to help Sasha improve, DeMarco rushed her back to the veterinarian.
A regiment of tube feedings, fluids, and medications eventually helped Sasha regain her strength, and when she reached her third month of life --- an incredible feat for a dog with her conditions --- she was back to herself, happily snuggling with her foster mom.
DeMarco has decided that she will adopt Sasha because the bond between them is too strong to break. “Sasha is a very quiet and reserved puppy. Not your typical puppy at all. She prefers to sit right next to or on top of my foot," DeMarco said. Sasha seems right at home with DeMarco, so it looks like a match made in heaven!
There will be more health obstacles in the future for Sasha, but with DeMarco's loving care and Sasha's determination, this little pup should continue to defy all expectations.
“This puppy is a true inspiration,” DeMarco said. “Despite her congenital deformities and medical condition, Sasha proves to be a fighter with a strong will to survive.”
We hope that Sasha continues to strengthen and improve with each passing day! You can follow her progress at the rescue's Facebook page. Share this incredible story of perseverance with your family and friends on Facebook.

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