Former bait dog is doing her part to make the world better even after losing an ear

Abigail has led a very interesting and even traumatic life. Born in 2013, pit bull mix Abigail first popped up in the news as a former bait dog. She was seized in a raid on a dog fighting operation by Miami-Dade Animal Services in November 2016, along with several other dogs. They described her as the worst case of animal abuse in their history.
Covered with ticks when found, Abigail was bitten and beaten, and lost an ear. These her rescuers covered up with knitted head bands. They said that she was so gentle that she would have ended up killed very soon in the world of dog fighting, had she not been rescued.
Abigail ended up with the Love Is Furever Dog Rescue. She underwent multiple surgeries, but eventually recovered. ​
She received a Hero Dog Reward for inspiring the Bonnets for Abigail movement and helped raise funds for veterans.
She was adopted by Megan and Jason Steinke in July 2017.
Since then, Abigail and her sister Tala have become therapy dogs. Following Hurricane Irma, they traveled to the First Assembly Church of God in Immokalee, Florida. They helped cheer up children made homeless by the hurricane.
Stuffed animals were handed out and the children learned Abigail's story, as well as how to raise and train a dog.
Plans were made to return for a Christmas drive, as well.
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