Kittens separated a few days old were reunited and it's so heartwarming

What would you do if someone asked you to bottle feed an orphan kitten every two or three hours around the clock? Would you do it? What if it were two kittens? This is an amazing story not only because two kittens were raised on bottles by the same kind-hearted person, but also because they were brother and sister... but discovered 10 hours apart!
Jenny Storaker of CatRescue 901 watches the places that post items of interest to someone who takes rescuing cats seriously. That's how she came across the plea from someone who had found a tiny, days-old kitten on her lawn and needed someone to take care of it.
Fortunately for the baby tabby, when Jenny reached out to the foster community, Katerina Gvozdova stepped up to take the kitten in.
Bottle feeding kittens is nothing new to Katerina. "I volunteer as a bottle feeder for any rescue that needs help. I saw CatRescue 901 looking for someone to bottle feed a little 10-day-old baby that someone had found, alone and cold on their front lawn," she said. But when a second call came in for her services, she knew it was no coincidence.
The similarities between when and where the two kittens were found were stranger than fiction. The second kitten—who looked just like the first one—was found about ten hours after the first one and just a few meters away from where the first was found. Once they were together, it was obvious they were siblings. They knew each other and cuddled right up together.
Katerina called the little girl Misa, after an anime character that's very opinionated and always demanding attention. The boy she called Wasabi.
Katerina's dog became an instant help, "babysitting" the little felines. He seemed to love them and was very patient with them.
Day by day the kittens grew stronger and more independent. They did everything together and were so cute.
Now that more than a month has gone by, the kitten siblings have grown into beautiful mackerel tabbies that enjoy playing hard until they drop off to sleep... together.
Finding one kitten in time to save its life is amazing. Finding two is simply a miracle! Thanks to CatRescue 901 and Katerina, both kittens are doing well and are a delight to behold.
Watch the video below to see them learning to walk at three weeks of age. The difference just a few weeks makes is astonishing as they now dash around their house and climb everything. Would you take in a needy kitten, knowing that you'd have to care for it around the clock for weeks? Share the video with your friends and let us know what you think in the comments!​

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