Stray little kitty scratches at family's door and hasn't stopped commanding attention since

Wandering alone and homeless through a field, a little black-and-white kitten found the nearest home and scratched at the door until someone opened the door. The compassionate owner let the kitten in and then took her to the Chatons Orphelins Montreal rescue in hopes that the kitten could be found a permanent home.
The rescue named the kitten Eleven, and as soon as she arrived, she acted like she owned the place! Eleven did not like to be alone and scratched at the door of her cage until she was let out. So the staff let the kitten roam around because she enjoyed their company and exploring her surroundings.
The kitten would go up to staff members and climb up their pantalets for extra attention. She loved playing with toys and crawling into every tiny space that she could. "Eleven is very mischievous. She's got a lot of energy and is always trying to play," the rescue said.
Eleven is fearless. While most cats are wary or frightened in new places and circumstances, this kitten loves everyone she meets and every place she goes. Eleven even enjoys going to the veterinarian's office!
The rescue notes, "She's afraid of nothing, a real diva! As soon as she gets attention, she's happy."
After two months at the shelter, Eleven was adopted into a home where she will have plenty of attention, toys, and even another cat to love!
"She's going to have a boyfriend kitty in her new life," the rescue said. "Even though she was found outside, she behaves like a kitten who has never known danger."
This kitten knows what she wants, and now she has her forever home! Share this sweet story with your family and friends on Facebook.

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