This shelter cat refuses to leave the feet of this man who gave her more than just a home

Rosie was an eight-month-old kitten who had been at the Henrico Humane Society since her birth. Like the other animals at the shelter, she had been waiting for the right person to see her and to decide that she was the right cat for him. Luckily for Rosie, that man did come along, and now she shows her love and gratitude to him every day.
Alex R. was an avowed dog lover who had a conversion when he met his roommate's cats. Over the holidays, Alex and his girlfriend took care of a friend's cat, and that's when Alex realized he needed to get a cat of his own. "When I had to give him back, it took all my might to not say he ran away (so that I could secretly keep him forever). But, I realized that that cat already had a great home, and there were so many kittens that still needed a home," Alex said.
Alex went online to the Henrico Humane Society website, took one look at Rosie's profile, and decided that she was the cat he needed in his life. His application for adoption was approved, and when he went to the shelter, Alex found out about Rosie's history.
Rosie had been adopted twice previously from the shelter, and neither situation worked out well for her: "First home - the previous owner moved after a week of adoption and dropped her off at a kill pound. Luckily, the pound ran her chip, contacted the shelter, and they went and got her. The second family unfortunately had a boy with special needs, and the 'extra affection' scared the son. Understandingly, they had to return her," Alex explained.
Rosie was placed with a foster family where she had exposure to a happy environment filled with other cats and dogs. "The foster family was an amazing family that rescues labs for the local area, and fosters any pets that need a home while anxiously awaiting their final homes," said Alex. But Rosie was still in need of her own place.
Alex and his girlfriend were happy to give Rosie --- now renamed Libbie --- a loving, forever home. And Libbie never ceases to thank Alex for it! "After she came home, it's like she knew this was going to be her forever home. She explored so much, but every time I was near, she HAD to rub all over me," Alex said.
Libbie loves to walk through and around Alex's legs when he moves around the house. She purrs and rubs up against him. Libbie also loves to curl up on the couch or in bed with Alex, purring herself to sleep!
Libbie now has her home, and her owner is thrilled to have her in his life. "Libbie is amazing, and I can't wait to spend so many years together," Alex said. "She truly adopted me."
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