Woman's dog is dying of cancer so she takes to Twitter to make a touching tribute

It's hard when we lose our canine best friends. No matter how many times it happens, you don't want to say goodbye.
Amy Thompson from the UK was 21 when she found out that her family's dog, Golden Retriever Archie, had cancer. It was terminal and he didn't have much time.
So, Amy did something remarkable. In 19 tweets, she proceeded to describe what was so special about Archie, paired with pictures of him. She began on October 29, 2017.
Soon after, Archie's health began to go downhill.
As well-wishes poured in from people all around the world, Amy continued to document her love for her beloved canine companion. There were photos and short videos of Archie in the garden, at the beach, chewing on sticks, and even watching television. Most were from his last days, as he enjoyed the things he'd always loved one last time with his favorite humans.
But it could not last. On October 31, Amy said that it was Archie's final day. He was in too much pain and they couldn't make him comfortable, anymore.
Archie breathed his last at 3:05 pm, GMT. Amy ended her tweet story with a portrait of the family with Archie shortly before his death and thanked everyone who had tweeted about Archie's story. It was a touching tribute to a beloved family dog who will be much missed.
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