Frightened dog in labor is left on doorstep waiting for a miracle to come

It was nearly freezing when a homeowner in Cambridgeshire, England heard a dog howling outside their front door. What they found when they opened the door was heartbreaking. They immediately called the police, who in turn called Fenland Animal Rescue. Then they all met at the home where a black chihuahua/terrier mix was in active labor.
Someone had left the little dog in a wire crate on the doorstep and abandoned her there. She had already delivered one puppy when the police and rescue got there. Sadly, it was already dead.
Joshua Flanagan of Fenland Animal Rescue described the situation as "absolutely tragic." The poor mama dog was in agony, crying piteously and howling in pain. Flanagan said, "She was in all this pain and discomfort, howling at the top of her lungs when we found her after we were called by police." Although they regularly see abandoned animals, it is quite rare to see such cruelty. The person who left the little dog there was obviously aware of her condition.
Little Bella, which is what they decided to call the pooch, was rushed to Cromwell's Veterinary Hospital in Huntingdon. There, the veterinarians took X-rays and the cause of Bella's distress was clearly seen. One puppy was lodged in the birth canal and another pup was still in the mom's womb. An emergency C-section delivered both puppies safely.
A kind foster family has taken Bella and her babies in and now they are warm and cared for. Bella is taking good care of her puppies and is grateful that her trauma is over. The police want to find the people or person who left the little dog in near-freezing conditions on that early November night. We hope they are found and face the consequences of their cruelty!
Share Bella's story. Then think about becoming a foster home for another needy animal who, through no fault of its own, is in dire need of protection and compassion. Talk to your local animal shelter about how you can make the difference for our furbuddies who share our earth with us.

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