Man tried desperately to win stray cat's trust and now has his very own shoulder kitty

Of all the yards that a black kitten could have wandered into in New York City, this cat chose the right one. The kitten decided to make its home between the roof of a shed and a driveway, and luckily the driveway belonged to a local feral cat rescuer. But soon a special relationship developed between feline and rescuer, and this black cat was rethinking the wildlife.
The cat, named Onyx, lived for almost two years near the driveway of Paul the Cat Guy's home. She was very jumpy and nervous and didn't trust Paul at first. "She appeared by herself out of nowhere. She was a loner, sat on the top of the neighbor's shed and also liked to sleep inside my insulated shelter," Paul said.
Paul had Onyx spayed, then made sure to feed her regularly three times a day. Onyx would eat her food and watch Paul curiously from a distance. Eventually, the cat would be eagerly waiting for Paul to bring out her food, and slowly, Onyx began to warm up to her rescuer.
With time and patience, Paul was able to sit next to Onyx while she ate her food. He also coaxed her into his basement where he provides shelter for the neighborhood cats.
Onyx took to an old cat condo that was there right away. Paul explained, "It was pretty torn up but I kept it for Onyx as she loved it and it kept her in the basement longer and longer."
Eventually, Onyx let Paul pick her up and cuddle her for short periods of time. Paul was amazed to see the cat's feral characteristics fade as Onyx became more attached to him.
"From not being able to touch her in January (2016) to full on carrying and kissing her four months later is pretty amazing," Paul said.
Then Onyx decided she'd had enough of life on the streets, and became a permanent resident of Paul's home.
"Far from feral now, she is living with lots of attention, toys, and a cat condo in my street level basement," Paul said.
For two years now, these two best friends have enjoyed their life together. Onyx especially loves to sit on Paul's shoulder!
Love and care can create incredibly beautiful relationships! Follow Onyx and Paul's adventures on Facebook and Instagram, and share their friendship with your family and friends!

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