Neighbouring cats share a special bond and never go a day without seeing each other

Where did you meet your significant other? For Conrad the cat, the relationship began when the cat-next-door, Lola, came to visit one day. Conrad is a gorgeous, fluffy, grey and white kitty who lives with his family in Wales, UK, and enjoys spending time in their backyard. One day, they had a visitor.
Lola suddenly appeared as if by magic, and Conrad was a smitten kitten. There were no romantic games being played between these two. When she played coy, he chased her around until she caught him.
Every day for the last three years, Lola has dropped by to visit Conrad. His family laughs that she is his girlfriend and he doesn't seem to mind one bit.
In fact, Conrad is happy to share treats with Lola, even if she takes his share. That's okay because that's the way good friends are.
If Conrad happens to be inside, Lola politely asks if he can come out and play. And of course, he's always happy to oblige.
Occasionally, Conrad is visited by another lady-friend, too. He just seems to be a chick-magnet!
But the fact is, Conrad and Lola are an item. Together every day, sharing sunshine and rain, the two feline friends spend quality time doing whatever it is that strikes their fancy.
Sometimes humans have a best friend of the opposite sex, too. Hopefully, it is their spouse, since people are not as willing to share their significant other's company as cats are. Watch the video below to see the special relationship Conrad and Lola share and then watch it again with your bestie!
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