Street cat can't thank rescuer enough after providing shelter from the bitter cold

On a cold and bitter day in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, a Siamese street cat was starving and suffering, searching for whatever scraps of food he could find. Alley C., a local rescuer with Flatbush Cats, noticed the cat and took pity on him. She opened her home up to the cat, who walked right in and stole her heart!
With help from her neighbor and fellow cat rescuer, Will, Alley got the Siamese situated in her home. Surrounded by warmth, good food, and loving company, the cat instantly showed his gratitude to Alley. He came over to her, purring loudly, and began kneading her lap with his paws and rubbing his face against her.
When Alley began to pet the cat's head, the purring and kneading intensified even further. This poor cat hadn't had anyone show him that kind of love in a long time, if ever.
Alley noted with amusement, "It took him no time at all to get comfortable with luxury." She named him Tater Tot, and he immediately took to living the good life with Alley, snuggling every chance he got and enjoying plenty of time sleeping cozily by the radiator.
A veterinarian check-up found that Tater Tot is around a year and a half old.
"[Tater Tot] was initially socialized, 'let outside' for not being neutered, and then lived on the streets for several months, according to neighbors," said Will. "Regardless of how Tater Tot's story began, his next chapter is 100 purrcent indoor VIP life and tons of love from his forever human."
Within a week of being rescued by Alley, Tater Tot was adopted and had a brand-new home with a sister named Storm. It didn't take Tater Tot long to settle in and make himself at home with his family.
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