After saving kitten that was trapped inside the facade at a store, man knows just what to do

Ricardo Sardinha works at a grocery store in Guarulhos, Brazil, near São Paulo. One day in January 2018, he heard a strange cry that he at first thought was a baby.
He quickly realized it was actually a kitten, but when he searched for it, he couldn't find it anywhere in the store. He finally discovered that the kitten was in the next store over. It was being renovated and somehow, the kitten had gotten into the store and been trapped inside the new facade facing the street.
Once he realized what had happened, Ricardo immediately got a hammer and a ladder, and set to work. In a heartwarming video, he pries off a wooden plank trapping the tiger kitten, who immediately walks out into his arms as the man taking the video, Ricardo's brother Elvis, does a running commentary in Portuguese.
Ricardo then brings the trusting kitten down the ladder, cuddling it, as his friends gather round to get a better look at it.
It turned out that Ricardo and his family were big cat lovers. They had three already! But they were willing to make room for one more. After giving the little boy cat some food and water, Ricardo took him home. They adopted him and named him Angelino.
Angelino is aptly named. An angel was truly looking out for him that day. But now he has found his furever home, thanks to his rescuer and new cat daddy.​
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