Cider, the motherless kitten has grown into gorgeous cat after finding love

When Jessica, from the Foster Kittens of Pasadena organization, read the email she knew that she had to act fast. A tiny, cream-colored kitten, less than four weeks old, had been brought to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. For her to have a chance at life, the kitten needed a foster mom willing to work around the clock to save this little fur ball. Luckily for the kitten, Jessica was more than willing to help.
Despite her small sized young age, the little fluffy kitten, named Cider, expressed a distinct personality from the start. "She was very independent from the beginning and was always keeping busy - exploring, playing, being brave. She wasn't afraid of my resident dogs and always stood up for herself," Jessica said. "Cider was a solo kitten from the shelter but didn't seem to mind it."
Jessica had to syringe feed Cider for the first few days, but once Cider figured out how to clamp on, she began to relish eating. Because of her foster mom's constant love and care, Cider began to put on some weight, eventually switching over to solid food with no issues.
Cider became so comfortable in Jessica's home that she preferred to sleep with her foster family rather than in the cat beds that had been purchased for her. The kitten who once had a slim chance at survival was now lovingly spending time with her family and exhibiting all the playful energy that a healthy kitten should.
A few weeks later, Jessica brought home another foster kitten, and the two babies immediately hit it off. Cider took pride in showing the new kitten, Apple, the lay of the land.
"Ever since I introduced Apple to cider, Cider doesn't talk much to me anymore. I guess because they are talking to each other now through their cat body language," Jessica explained.
By the time she was eight weeks old, Cider had weighed in at a healthy two pounds. It was time to put her up for adoption. Thankfully, both Cider and Apple found wonderful new homes where they happily thrive to this day. Cider, renamed Ginger, is now a year old and loves her adoptive family!
Thanks to Jessica and compassionate fosters like her, animals like Cider are given a chance to live full lives. Share Cider's story of survival and hope with your family and friends on Facebook.

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