Family is saved from house fire by pitbull who warned them just in time

Our pets guard our homes as their own. But sometimes, they do more than just guard. Sometimes, they save our lives.
Roscoe is a sweet chocolate-brown pit bull from Parchment, MI. He's eight years old and weighs 85 pounds. Though he may look scary, he's just a lovable softy.
He's spent all his life with the Lepert family, who also had his mom Sissy until she passed in 2015.
Roscoe loved his mom and loves his human family, too. He would do anything to protect them.​
On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Roscoe's devotion was put to the test.​
Around 2 am, the Leperts noticed that he was acting very strangely. He woke them up and wanted to go out. He'd already been out before they went to bed, so it seemed strange.
While he was up, the dad, Brian Lepert, smelled something burning. It was coming from the basement. When he checked it out, he found a space heater on fire and ready to catch some nearby construction paper. The space heater had been left plugged in, but was not turned on.
Hurriedly, the Leperts put the fire out and a terrible disaster was averted. The smoke detectors did not go off for another 15 minutes. Lepert said that if they had waited until then, they could have all been killed or at least lost the house to smoke and fire damage. They are crediting loyal Roscoe with saving their lives.
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