Lovable family dog was feeling left out so his owners did something very special that'll make you LOL

Yogi turned 12 this year. If he were human, he'd be graduating elementary school in Quebec, Canada, where he lives. But he isn't human. Or is he?
Pamela and Olivia Dufresne don't seem quite sure. They know he's a very smart member of their family and has had no end of human adventures—at least in the sisters' minds.
Yogi is a Maltese-Yorkshire terrier-Shih Tzu mix who is adored by his big sisters. He has a very close relationship with his family. Pamela says, "We adore him and, even if he is not a human, we consider him a full member of our family. He is our little prince, our little treasure.”
The sisters have imagined him in all sorts of human adventures. “Since we were young, my sister and I love to imagine different scenarios in which our dog acts like a human: going to school, playing soccer, crossing the border illegally, playing video games, getting arrested,” Dufresne said. “In our imagination, he did all those things!”
Yogi is very intelligent according to his family. He has a large vocabulary and understands much more than the average dog. In addition, he's particularly sensitive to their moods, always there for a little emotional support. “When we cry, he tries to make us laugh by licking our tears,” Dufresne said. “When we have an argument, he puts himself between us.” That's why, when he reached the right age, they decided to do something special for his "graduation."
Olivia decided to make a graduation picture as a surprise for their parents. She spent several hours on Photoshop and produced a remarkable portrait of Yogi in graduation garb. It was so good, in fact, that it took quite some time for the parents to notice that the picture had replaced an old baby picture that previously hung between the sisters' photos over the mantel. Finally, the family took notice.
“When we did, we laughed for a good 10 minutes, then we cried a little out of proudness,” Dufresne said. “To this day, Yogi’s graduation picture is the main attraction of the living room.”
How far would you go to make your dog a true member of the family? Share this amusing story with your friends. And let us know what you think in the comments!

Yogi's face is so human-like that people are having a lot of trouble accepting that this picture is NOT Photoshopped!
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