Starving street dog that almost blended right in with the dirt and too weak to stand has made a miraculous recovery

For two days, the skin-and-bones dog didn't move from the spot she had curled up in the middle of a street in India. Locals, concerned that she had not stirred, contacted Animal Aid Unlimited, India, and rescuers came out to investigate the dog's condition. They found not only a dog who was starving but also one who suffered from a painful, grievous injury. This poor dog had curled up in the street, waiting to die.
The rescuers carefully walked toward the dog and assessed her situation. She was so weak and ill that she could not stand up. As the rescuers examined the dog, they opened her mouth and were horrified by what they saw. The dog's jaw was fractured, and several of her teeth were broken. The reason why the dog was emaciated and sick was that the injury made it impossible for her to eat.
One of the Animal Aid Unlimited, India, rescuers lifted the dog up; she was completely limp and didn't move at all.
They immediately brought her to a veterinarian who moved quickly to place a wire around the dog's lower jaw.
This wire would allow the dog, now named Dory, to being to eat again!
In a matter of hours, Dory was able to take in some food. The dog was so happy to have food in her belly for the first time in a long time. “Without surgery, this sad and frail girl would never have eaten again,” Animal Aid Unlimited, India, stated in Dory's rescue video.
With the help of these compassionate rescuers, Dory is now healed, healthy, and happy! Look at how this beautiful dog has recovered from her injuries! Dory is excellent with both people and other dogs and loves to play with them. Gone is her past life of pain and agony.
Thanks to the local people who cared enough to call for help, and the incredible rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited, India, Dory was saved and now has her whole life ahead of her. Watch Dory's rescue video below, then donate to a local, national, or international shelter like Animal Aid Unlimited, India, if you are able. Share Dory's incredible story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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