These two German Shepards have been together their whole lives and now need to find a home together

Gus and Laurie, two German Shepherd puppies from Virginia, have taken social media by storm. They were brought in to Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue in late October 2017, age seven months.
The two puppies had been inseparable since being found at age three months. Until their arrival at the rescue, they had been living in a barn. Given their age and history, it seems likely they are siblings from the same litter.
The rescue, based in Stephens City, immediately put out a call for adoption. It stated that the strong preference for these two was to adopt them out together. Up to that point, they'd had nothing but each other and the rescue worried they wouldn't do well apart.
The response to the Facebook post, and the accompanying two photos of Gus and Laurie cuddled together inside a minivan, was immense. Their story had hit a chord with many people. Numerous posters stated they would be happy to give both Gus and Laurie a home. No one suggested that they be separated.
The rescue reported on November 2 that the two pups had been sent to a foster home so they could be acclimated to children and cats. It also reported that it was processing applications for adoption, giving a timeline of about a month before Gus and Laurie would finally be ready to go to a new home.
Gus and Laurie seem certain to find a furever home together, if they haven't, already.
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