Tiny dog's fur was so matted it was a struggle just to walk. Check her out now

People who work at animal shelters are heroes to me. And for this poor little pooch, the Bahamas Humane Society is chock full of heroes. Last October, little Millie was found wandering the streets with her coat so full of mats she could hardly walk. Not only that, the heavy fur was pulling on her fragile skin. She was one miserable pup!
As soon as she started to clip away the matted mess, Millie started to perk up. She licked Vazquez unremittingly in her eagerness to show her gratitude.
Once the dirty, tangled fur was clipped away, it was obvious that Millie hadn't seen very many good meals recently. Her ribs were showing and her toenails were overgrown. No one had cared for the tiny dog in a long time.
The three-year-old dog had sores on her front legs, probably from the heavy fur pulling on her skin. Vazquez decided then and there that she was going to change Millie's life.
Three miles away from the shelter, Vazquez was busy making life better for a myriad of animals. Her little piece of paradise is called Finca Nati Animal Sanctuary. There, pigs, goats, ponies, rabbits, chickens, and of course, dogs get regular, healthy food and all the loving any animal could crave. Millie fit right in.
Along with the other dogs resident there, Millie is near enough to the beach to go swimming. But she isn't fond of the ocean at all, so that's not her choice of things to do.
Instead, she enjoys hopping on the golf cart with Mastiff sister Maggie and going for a ride. Now that the mats are gone and she can walk again, Millie prefers to ride every chance she gets.
“Going on golf cart rides is one of her favorite things,” Vazquez said. “She has so much fun. I show people the photos of her from before and they can’t believe it’s her. She loves life now.”
It often takes so very little to make an animal happy. A hair cut and a loving home turned Millie's life totally around. Thanks to volunteers like Vazquez, animals who wind up at shelters sometimes get a new chance at happiness. You could make that happen for a dog who only needs a little love to turn a nightmare into the dream of a lifetime! Share Millie's story and then visit your local shelter. Someone may be waiting just for you.​

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