Tiny kitten with butterfly shaped nose is all grown up and capturing hearts all over the web

Can imperfect still be beautiful? A cat named Marvel thinks so. Marvel, full name "Professor Pudgeblossom Marvel," was born with a cleft lip and a "butterfly" nose.
Marvel's mom Dorothy had been abandoned in Langley, BC (near Vancouver in Canada) after she got pregnant in November 2014. It was much too cold for a pregnant kitty to be out on her own, so some neighbors took her in and brought her to the Tiny Kittens rescue.
There, she had six kittens on November 17, one of them Marvel.
Marvel had a somewhat rough start due to his cleft lip. This birth defect can make it hard for a kitten to latch on and drink. He needed extra bottle feeding to ensure he got enough food, a common problem for kittens with this health issue. Fortunately, he didn't have a cleft palate, as that is often fatal.
Marvel's foster mom Shelley bottle-fed him until he was weaned at five weeks. By then, he had become an adorably snuggly little love bug. A few months later, he was adopted in February 2015, along with his brother Toto.
Marvel and Toto both grew into two very large and fluffy tiger kitties, with their own Facebook page. There are now fully bonded brothers.
The only real visible indication left of Marvel's unusual birth defect is his unique butterfly nose. But that doesn't stop him from eating, drinking, sleeping, or playing like any other kitty.
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