After trying to win this little kitten's heart, these two dogs become her bodyguards

Late in 2017, a tiny and ferociously cute calico kitten arrived in the household of two dogs, an amiable Black Labrador and Golden Retriever.
She took over the household completely about five minutes later.
Cleo (the kitten) has a big voice and an even bigger personality. She likes her toys and she likes to hold onto them. Oden (the Golden Retriever) immediately tried to win her over by offering her his favorite sock. Cleo reciprocated by sleeping on top of Oden because dogs make excellent cat beds and footstools.
Not to be outdone in doggy devotion, Aksel (the Black Lab) offered Cleo his cage, into which all three of them now try to cram themselves.
Cleo accepted these gifts as her due because, well, she's a cat. Now they all live happily together under Cleo's unquestioned queenship.
Cleo, Oden and Aksel's unnamed owner then decided to take to social media and created an imgr account for all three of them. The account documents their relationship and daily antics, which are many and bold.
These activities involve a great deal of sleeping, cuddling, toy offerings, and unabashed cat worship. It's pretty obvious who rules this roost.
As she grows into a handsome adult, Cleo seems quite happy with her furever home and so do her two faithful canine companions. Who says cats and dogs can't live together – as long as the dogs acknowledge their feline overlords?
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