Meet the campus kitty that is becoming everyone's favorite guest "lecturer"

The University of Chester in western England in the UK has been producing teachers on various subjects since 1839. But Millie is their most unusual and challenging professor yet. She's a calico cat!
Millie has her own furever home nearby in Chester and visits the school regularly. Her favorite places are the classrooms. Often, she will sit on a teacher's chair during lecture, making sure all the students are paying close attention. She is known there as the Campus Cat.
Millie will also regularly visit campus staff, making sure they are minding their duties of ensuring the students' food and lodging. She is a fixture for Registration.
This attention-loving and friendly cat is as popular with the students, faculty and staff as they are with her. She regularly shows up in social media related to the school, usually in pedagogical poses.
Everyone loves to do selfies with Millie.
She even is a frequent face on the school's maintenance department Twitter stream, which has also chronicled her rise to social media fame.
No one seems to know how or when Millie first started attending university. Why she did it is probably something only Millie will ever know and she's not talking. But it seems clear that she is an important part of the university's life and that they wouldn't know what to do without her.
Here's hoping she will bat the ivy for years to come.
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