No one would give this one-eyed, snaggletooth kitty a chance until this couple came along

A few years ago, a stray cat showed up on a couples' doorstep. They let her in and she liked it so much she decided to stay. What they didn't know at the time was that the cat would soon be a mama. "We immediately bonded so she stayed for good. A few weeks later I realized that she was pregnant," Alex said.
When the kittens were born, one was very, very special. Mama Plop had four kittens that day, but one was only about half the size of her siblings. She was so tiny they decided to call her Peanut or P for short. She was so little that her weight didn't even register at the vet's office.
It was immediately apparent that P would need help to survive. She couldn't eat like the other kittens did, so Alex ended up feeding her with a bottle until she was old enough to eat wet food.
When the kittens' eyes opened, little P only had one. She was also missing part of her nose, and one tooth stuck out of her mouth. Lots of people told Alex she wasn't worth the fight, but that didn't deter him. P would make it because Alex wouldn't let her die. "She had defects on specifically one side of her body with the eye and nose. Luckily she is purrfectly healthy otherwise," Alex said.
As P grew, so did her snaggle tooth. Her physical deformities didn't bother her human dad at all. She was sweet and demonstrative, loving to cuddle on dad's shoulder as he cooked. Watching the process often garnered her a treat or two, so it became a ritual.
Though the other kittens were given away, P stayed with Mama Plop and her human family. They were a close-knit, happy little clan.
At two years old, P is now fully grown. Yet she still weighs just 4 pounds. Still, what she lacks in size is made up for in her amazing personality.
Then one day Phoebe joined the family. At just six months of age, she was already bigger than P. The two became fast friends right away and are often found cuddling together. They are absolutely inseparable.
All three cats are members of this forever family. Alex is glad he followed his heart instead of the advice given to him by a dozen friends. "A little compassion goes a long way because by giving P a chance I gained one of the biggest blessings in my life today," according to Alex.
If you were in Alex's place, what would you have done? I hope you would have given little Peanut a chance at life. Just look at how she has turned out! Share her story with your friends and follow P and her adventures on Instagram!

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