Woman heard meowing from a box and couldn't believe what this momma cat was doing for her babies

It's unwise to abandon animals on the doorstep of an animal shelter after hours, since they could be there for a long time before anyone sees them. But it happens all the time. And some people are unable or unwilling to leave their abandoned pets even when someone is right there to take them in.
One By One Animal Advocates and The Paws Squad were picking up a cat and a dog one rainy morning in early 2018 from a local animal shelter in Logan, West Virginia, when they found a box nearby. When Paws Squad volunteer Robin Kilgore opened it up, she found a beautiful mama calico nursing three newborn kittens.
The cardboard box was sopping wet and so were its occupants, despite mama cat's best efforts to keep her babies dry and warm. One By One Animal Advocates quickly took them in and dried them off, then set them up in their own crate.
The little family was soon safe in a warm bed at a foster home.
It turned out the three babies were all boys, one white and two orange tigers.
Rescue volunteers named the mother Gypsie, and her sons Panda, Cheddar and Velveeta.
All are doing well. They'll be put up for adoption to their furever homes as soon as the kittens are old enough.
Email onebyoneaa@gmail.com if you're interested or want to rescue One by One Animal Advocates help more animals in need.
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