After saving mama cat from the streets, man refuses to give up search for her kittens

She was a homeless cat wandering the streets of Las Vegas, sadly one of many. But this cat's lucky day showed up in the form of Duff, a rescuer and member of C5, a local Trap-Neuter-Release group. Duff rescued the cat, took her off the streets and brought her immediately to a veterinarian's office. But while there, Duff received some surprising news: The cat was currently nursing, so her kittens were out there ... somewhere.
"The doctor told [Duff] that there were babies somewhere, so the troops were brought in for searching," said Ellen Richter, a foster with Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions. Duff and the other rescuers raced back to where he had found the mother cat and began the search. Even when the daylight faded and night set in, this determined group wasn't giving up until they found the mama cat's babies.
Then, after hours of searching, the rescuers found the kittens. "They searched for hours, finally found the kittens hidden in a neighbor's yard in a pile of wood," Richter explained. The kittens were brought back to their mother, and the rescuers stayed with the family until they were able to secure a foster through Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions.
The rescue team named the mother cat Portia, and called her three kittens Persia, Palma and Paris. Portia was overjoyed to be reunited with her babies and began grooming them as soon as she could.
When Richter was contacted and asked to foster the family, she quickly agreed. She provided around-the-clock care for the family and taught Portia to begin to trust human beings. Sadly, one of the kittens, Paris, passed away due to congestive heart failure, but Richter soldiered on in caring for the rest of the clan.
It took about a month of Richter's care for the family to get situated and healthy. Within that period, Portia warmed up to Richter, allowing her to help with the kittens and then also wanting some attention herself! "She was warming up to me, rubbing my legs begging me to pet her," Richter said.
Soon, the kittens were growing and eating on their own, and Portia had learned to love life as an indoor cat. Recently, she was adopted into her forever home! "She went from living outside in a dump yard, having who knows how many litters, to living the good life," said Richter. ​
Palma and Persia, bonded since birth and now inseparable, have also been adopted together into a new home. For Richter and dedicated people like Duff, seeing these three cats safe and loved is worth every minute of the time they dedicate to animals in need. Richter stated, "This is what fostering is all about."
Thanks to the kindness and compassion of these rescuers and fosters, Portia, Persia, and Palma have happy, full lives ahead of them. Share this amazing story with your friends and family on Facebook.