This cat was brought back to life after being found frozen to the ground

It was early January in Cattage Grove, Minnesota, and the people who found the tiny calico kitten frozen to the ground couldn't believe their eyes. Frightened for the kitten's life, these compassionate people immediately called the authorities for help. The police arrived, took one look at the cat, and after carefully removing her from the frozen ground, rushed her to the nearest Animal Humane Society.
The odds were not in the little kitten's favor. She had been exposed to the extreme cold for too long. "It had only been two degrees below zero (or -18.9°C) the night before. They rushed the kitten to our Woodbury shelter care," said Zoe Clarke of the Animal Humane Society. The kitten was suffering from hypothermia, and her condition wasn't good.
The Society's staff named the kitten Briana and they threw all their might into helping her fight to live. Briana had a hard time standing and she was extremely lethargic. The hypothermia had taken a serious toll on her tiny body, but the staff helped Briana by keeping her warm around the clock. "We warmed her with heating pads and blankets and delivered pain management, subcutaneous fluids, and critical nutrition," Clarke explained.
Further examinations showed that Briana was also blind, making her circumstances even more overwhelming for this brave kitten. Despite the odds against her, Briana exhibited a strength of will in her heart that was not evident in her frail body. She decided that she wanted to live, and the staff's loving dedication to her care helped bring her out of danger.
As she healed and gained strength, Briana also learned to trust the gentle hands that fed her and petted her. Shy at first, and sometimes spooked due to her blindness, Briana warmed up to her rescuers and soon recognized their scents. She began reaching out a paw toward them in anticipation of some caresses. Soon, Briana was well enough to go into a foster home where she blossomed under her foster mom's care.
Briana went from a kitten frozen to the ground to a kitten now living a life of warmth and happiness in her new adopted home! "In the beginning, we weren't sure if Briana would make it, but she fought for her life, making an incredible recovery," Clarke said.
Thanks to the incredible staff at the American Humane Society, Briana received the boost she needed to get better. Now, this beautiful kitten is safe in her forever home! Share Briana's incredible story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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