This family never expected to see an abandoned dog sitting on their front seat when they opened the door

People are such strange creatures. This story highlights just how weird (and cruel) they can be when it comes to taking care of their animals, like this sweet dog who was abandoned, of all places, in the front seat of a van.
Looking out the window one morning, a woman noticed a car drive slowly down the street, turn at the end and drive back. The car stopped in front of her husband's van, and someone got out and put something inside, then drive off. She immediately went out to find out what was going on.
To her utter amazement and complete bafflement, she opened the door to find a dog curled up on the seat. He was emaciated but incredibly sweet, and why someone would abandon such a good natured dog was a mystery. Not knowing exactly what to do, she put a call in to the Scottish SPCA. “The caller saw a car drive down her lane, turn around and stop by her husband’s van before driving off and abandoning the dog,” Louise Seddon, an inspector with the Scottish SPCA, said in a press release. “The male dog has a great temperament.”
It is a criminal offense in Scotland to abandon an animal, and the Scottish SPCA is asking for the community's help in tracking down the person who left Kenny, as they named the dog, in the van. “We are reviewing CCTV footage from the area,” Seddon said. “We’re urging anyone who recognizes Kenny to get in touch with any information.”
Kenny is a sweet dog who just wants a chance to love and be loved. He's available for adoption at the Lanarkshire shelter. Please share his story. Anyone who might know where Kenny came from or who abandoned him is urged to contact the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline at 03000 999 999.

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