This kitty was barely moving when she was found on the sidewalk but after 24 hours something incredible happened

Little Gaius is a kitten who was found on the streets near Terrey Hills in New South Wales, a state on the eastern coast of Australia, in early February 2018. The little gray baby was only four weeks old, covered with ants, and so hungry he could barely move.
A kind man found him and took him home, where he cleaned off the ants and grime. But he already had a rescue cat and it was clear Gaius would need a lot of care if he were to survive.
So, the man took him to a local rescue group, Cat Rescue 901.
Gaius was literally starving when he arrived on February 14. He weighed only 217 grams, less than half of the 500 grams he should have weighed. He probably had lost his mother before he could be weaned.
Volunteers immediately began bottle-feeding him and kept him warm.
Within 24 hours, Gaius had increased his weight by a startling 25%. Within four days, he gained over half his original weight, increasing to 341 grams. With food and rehydration, Gaius also began to gain some energy. Four-week-old kittens are still wobbly but bouncy and curious.
Though still a bit fragile, Gaius is already well on the road to recovery. Once he is old and fit enough, he will become available for adoption. He is a very lucky little scamp!
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