Adorable kitten with one eye and four ears has found someone who loves him

Can you imagine finding two tiny kittens under a house, alone, scared, and in need of some care? That's exactly what happened with this unusual kitten when he and his brother were rescued by a family in Victoria, Australia. The family kept them for awhile, but when one of the brothers needed medical help, they took the kittens to Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS).
One of the kittens had special needs. "He was discovered to have a very infected and damaged eye, as well as four ears. He immediately went into surgery for removal of the eye as it was very painful," Georgi, Frankie's human mom remembers.
Because Frankie—short for Frankenkittens—needed a quiet place to recuperate after surgery, Georgi, a fosterer and employee of GAWS, took him home for awhile.
"Within a couple of hours of him being at home, I realized there was something special about him and couldn't bear the thought of taking him back. I've fostered close to 80 cats and kittens in the last year, and he was the first one I would have had trouble giving back. So I made the decision to adopt him," Georgi related.
Frankie has another problem, too. He has a pretty severe overbite. "The extra ears are a genetic deformity, as is his overbite. He will need teeth removed in the future to avoid them growing up into the roof of his mouth," Georgi said. She's more than willing to keep him with her, even though he comes with the promise of more surgery. GAWS is paying for all Frankie's medical bills, because they believe every life is precious, no matter the cost.
Frankie is busy giving back even while he heals. He recently took a trip to visit an elderly lady. "Frankie went to visit a lovely lady for her 90th birthday... It was awesome seeing him make her so happy." His purr delighted her and was a wonderful birthday present.
Georgi's young son, Arthur, loves Frankie, too. They have become best friends, as often happens between animals and children. They just seem to have an infinity for each other.
Frankie is an affectionate fellow who loves nothing more than waking his humans up with nose kisses in the mornings. He's a real snugglebug and loves everyone he meets. "We could learn a lot about life from cats," Georgi said.
Watch Frankie doing what he lost to do, getting ear scritches from his people. Share the video of this unusual kitten with your friends. What do you think about his unique look? Tell us in the comments!​

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