Blind pitbull found in junkyard was in dire need of help and after getting it looks totally different

The blind, twelve-year-old pitbull was exhausted, desperate, and disheartened. He crawled into a junkyard and underneath a dumpster. One of the junkyard employees noticed the dog, and taking pity on him, brought him water and food. The employee's boss told her to call animal control, but she feared for the well-being of this senior dog, so she contacted Hope for Paws instead. These heroes arrived to rescue this sweet soul and give him a chance to live his golden years in comfort.
Hope for Paws rescuers Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz received the call from the junkyard employee and raced out to save the senior dog. They carefully approached the dog and offered him food, but he was too sick and confused to eat. The dog, whom they named Duncan, needed to get to a veterinarian right away. They gently slipped a leash over his head, and Duncan slowly came out from under the truck.
As they carried Duncan to their vehicle, they noticed his extremely poor condition. He also had a rope tied around his neck, so he belonged to someone at some point who mistreated and neglected him.
On Facebook, Arturo described finding Duncan: "He was dehydrated, barely able to stand, blind, has extreme dental disease and was covered in motor oil. His left paw is infected and he has several mass cell tumors. I was furious that someone had neglected this poor dog and let him to suffer this much. Then, without any empathy tossing him to the streets like trash. I just held him (we named Duncan ) and kept telling him it was going to be OK."
In the video of Duncan's rescue, Arturo and Wiltz reassure Duncan and apologize that someone treated him so terribly.
The veterinarian diagnosed Duncan with two tumors, a skin disease, ulcers, and severe dehydration. The Hope for Paws rescuers were advised to have Duncan put down, but they weren't willing to give up on him. They wanted him to have a chance to know love and care. So they reached out to Frosted Faces Foundation, a senior rescue organization, to find an appropriate foster for Duncan.
Frosted Faces Foundation happily took Duncan in and placed him in a foster home where he has healed and blossomed into an entirely new dog.
Duncan does have his blindness and some dementia to contend with, but he is happy and loved. He also has the company of another senior foster dog, Winnie, and the two love to be around each other.
When he's not snuggling with Winnie or his foster parents, he can often be found sleeping in his favorite spot: the laundry basket!
No matter how much time Duncan has left, it will now be time filled with love. Watch Duncan's rescue video below, and share his story with your friends and family on Facebook.

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