Cat hides out under car at trailer park, but luckily one woman decided to help

Sick, distressed, and afraid, the black and white cat cried from underneath a car in a Greenacres, Florida, mobile home park. He was feeling so poorly and had nowhere else to hide but this spot. What the cat didn't realize was that the right person at the right time would see him, stop, and give him a fighting chance to live.
That person is Carmen Morales Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, Inc., a cat rescue organization. She happened to spot the black and white cat out of the corner of her eye as she was driving past the mobile home lot. She immediately stopped and approached the cat who cried and then meowed when she approached him.
"I was driving on the street when I first saw him. I could tell that he was not well. Neighbors told me that he was fed by an old lady at another house. They were grateful that I was willing to take him to see what was wrong with him," said Weinberg. Indeed, when she coaxed the tomcat to follow her to her car she noticed that the cat, whom she named Yin Yang, was in dire straits. He was covered in fleas and was missing patches of hair.
Weinberg took the cat home, warmed him up, and gave him food and water. Yin Yang perked up and began purring. But at the veterinarian's office the next day, tests confirmed that Yin Yang was dangerously anemic. "They recommended a blood transfusion and he had a couple on Sunday," Weinberg said.
"He is a very good patient and has been taking his medicine without a problem. I am hoping the antibiotics are helping his body heal. He is taking one for the bacteria in his blood and another one for the skin infection. He has cellulitis on his upper body," Weinberg explained.
Although Yin Yang has shown improvement, there have also been setbacks, and this beautiful boy is not out of the woods yet. Recently, Yin Yang, who is staying with veterinary technician Lana Corbo for around the clock care, began eating on his own. Then he abruptly stopped and had to be syringe fed for a few days until his appetite returned.
Corbo says, "His PCV number is still low so he is staying at the hospital over night for a few more days and may need another blood transfusion. The doctors, nurses, and I are afraid that it is his immune response in addition to the haemobartonella are attacking his blood cells so we added prednisolone to his already high ingredient cocktail of heroic medications. If this fails, a blood transfusion will absolutely be needed. He is scaring me but giving me strength and hope at the same time."
Yin Yang is receiving oxygen and many medications. Because he has shown improvement and a will to live, Weinberg and Corbo are cautiously optimistic that he will fully recover. He will probably need medical care for the remainder of his life, but hopefully, the right adopter will come along and give this strong cat the love and care he deserves.
Want to donate to help with Yin Yang's medical bills? You can send your donation via PayPal to Watch the video of Yin Yang's rescue below and share his story with your family and friends.

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