Woman saves cat from shelter and is very surprised to hear tiny meows coming from her bathroom

A Facebook post about an extremely stressed and very pregnant cat caught the attention of the right person to save this mama cat in peril. Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of the Friends For Life Rescue Network in Los Angeles, saw the message and sprang into action. She knew that the kittens could be endangered at the shelter, she arranged to foster the cat at her home. What she didn't expect was the babies to arrive as quickly as they did!
DeAmor named the cat Fennel, and she immediately set out to make the cat comfortable and to set up the nursery for the kittens when they arrived. Fennel was overjoyed to be with DeAmor that she spent most of her time rubbing against the rescuer's legs and purring loudly. "She was so happy to have been saved. She ate a ton, was super affectionate, and would lay her head down on my lap while kneading," DeAmor said.
The next evening, DeAmor had the birthing box ready in her bathroom for Fennel, but as she didn't see any sign of the kittens' arrival, she went out to run some errands. When she came back a short while later, she heard a tiny sound coming from the room. "I kept thinking I should go check but then doubted myself because I had just been in there to feed her and she was fine," DeAmor stated.
When she heard a second small meow, she raced to the bathroom. There she found Fennel who had already given birth to three kittens, two of whom survived and one stillborn. DeAmor got her supplies and settled in with Fennel. "I just sat with her on the bathroom floor, helped clean up the babies and gave her lots of food and water to drink. She then gave birth to a 4th kitten but was too tired to clean her so I aided in getting her nice and clean," DeAmor explained.
DeAmor made sure that mama and her new babies had a heating pad, towels, and blankets, and stayed with them into the early morning hours. The next day, DeAmor realized that Fennel had one more kitten trapped in her belly. She took Fennel to the veterinarian where the cat required an emergency C-section to remove the stillborn baby.
With DeAmor by her side, Fennel began to recover while also caring for her kittens. "The first two days, I aided in bottle feeding the kittens to give her a break. We also syringe fed her lots of nutrients including calcium to bring back her strength," DeAmor said. When she was healed, Fennel took over the nursing and caring duties full time.
"She's now full-time tending to the kittens and healing really well. She has two boys and one girl - Thyme, Basil, and Alfalfa," said DeAmor. Currently, Fennel and her babies are in foster care and thriving. You can follow their updates on Facebook and Instagram. Then share their story with your cat loving friends and family.

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