2 one-eyed cats and lovable pooch become one big happy family and even foster kitties

The Bible is a wealth of knowledge, and a passage from Job (Job 12:12) describes this story well. "Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?" When you meet Suzie, an aging Boxer and find out just what her life's mission is, you'll certainly agree.
Kelli H. loved dogs and couldn't imagine herself with a cat when she brought Suzie home eight years ago. But that was before she met Kushi!
Four years ago, Kelli decided she wanted to foster a dog. When she checked with the local shelter, they didn't have a dog available, but they did have a litter of kittens! Not sure how Suzie would receive four-week-old kittens, Kelli was a bit hesitant. She decided to give it a try anyway. "Turned out she was amazing with the kittens. So I kept bringing home more (still very much convinced that I would never adopt one myself). Then Kushi came along," Kelly relates.
Kushi loved Suzie from the start. He would lick her face and cuddle with her all the time, and when he needed to have an infected eye removed, Suzie returned the favor cuddled him. Kelli took care of Kushi after his surgery and considered finding him a permanent home. "The entire time I was trying to connive myself that I couldn't keep him but he and Suzie were such a good match. Most of my fosters are very fond of Suzie but he loved her on a whole different level and she really loved him," Kelly said. "The second that we started looking for a family for him I realized I couldn't let him go, so he stayed."
From there on out, Kushi and Suzie became a force to be reckoned with when it came to fostering kittens. Suzie's wisdom and Kushi's love for the fosters were a perfect match.
When Shawn joined the household, Kushi was empathetic with his vision problems. He stayed by his side or kept him company under the bed. "Kushi was so good with him. He really bonded with a few kittens in particular but they already had homes lined up. I could tell he was a bit sad when they left so I decided then that he needed a friend of his own," Kelly related.
Then something really special happened. Kelli heard about another kitten with sight problems. Sunny the calico was blind and in need of a home. Kelli reasoned that Kushi and Sunny might just be a match. Right away, Sunny took to Suzie.
After a couple of days, Kushi rushed in to give Sunny a bath. Although the kitten wasn't particularly fond of baths, she did enjoy the cuddling. After that, the trio became an effective group at taking care of foster kittens, each with his or her own talent. When Kushi or Suzie hear a kitten cry, they immediately come to their aid.
Kelli tells how Suzie interacts with the kittens. "She behaves very differently around different cats. When she meets an animal that is very nervous she does this thing where she won't look at them directly, moves very slowly to not startle them, and just tries to make herself as non threatening as possible. Its very sweet."
While Suzie is the protector, Kushi has the responsibility of keeping everyone clean. "He is kind of the official greeter of the house. He will be the first to welcome a new foster, even if it is a great big dog. He loves to clean foreheads and faces, especially after meal time."​
All three friends are totally committed to helping the fosters. Sunny, the baby of the group, is learning how to care for them, too. "Since she can't see, the new smells make her a bit nervous but she usually warms up to them in a couple of days," Kelly said. "She plays with the kittens and helps me socialize them. She's really just a big kitten at heart."
This is a trio with special gifts who are quick to offer them to others in need. Suzie, as the old one, adds wisdom. Kushi adds practical help. And Sunny adds her own brand of care right along with her friends. Together, they are making a difference in the lives of the puppies and kittens Kelli brings home.
You can follow their adventures on Instagram as they seek to make their world a better place. Share the video below and maybe you and your friends can take a page from their playbook to change the life of someone in need.

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