After becoming an orphan this small bunny found a mama cat to take him on

A heavily pregnant cat was found and brought to a local shelter. Shortly after she arrived, the cat went into labor and delivered a litter of healthy kittens. That same evening, a compassionate person brought an abandoned baby bunny to the shelter, hoping someone there could help the little animal. That someone ended up being the mama cat, who took the bunny in and nursed her alongside her feline babies!
The shelter staff knew that the bunny didn't have much chance to live unless he was given a surrogate mother, fast. They contacted the Oceanside, California, volunteer-based rescue Love Your Feral Felines and asked them if they would take in a mother cat, newborn kittens...and a baby rabbit.
"Of course we said, 'Yes.' Our transporter picked up the little family and fostered them overnight for us when the babies were only one day old," said Melissa Dunaj, Senior Director of Love Your Feral Felines. "She is a rockstar momma, nursing the bunny and stimulating him to go to the bathroom."
The rescue volunteers immediately began to research how to care for a newborn bunny. They reached out to a wildlife expert who informed them that the rabbit was wild, not domesticated. "Since California has strict laws on wildlife and we quickly learned that a cat's milk isn't enough to sustain a rabbit," Dunaj stated.
The rabbit would need to be transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation rescue where the staff would have experience and supplies ready to feed and raise him. But the only reason the bunny had the chance to live was because of the generous mother cat!
All is well with the mama cat, her babies, and the bunny. "The mom and kittens are being well cared for in a foster home in San Diego county. The kittens are one week old today. They will be available for adoption in about eight weeks. The bunny is doing very well and is being cared for by a trained wildlife rehabilitator," Dunaj said.
Thanks to this mother cat's acceptance of the baby bunny, this little Thumper will grow strong enough to be released into a wildlife preserve eventually. Soon, the mama cat and her babies will have forever homes too. Share this incredible story of strength and compassion with your friends and family on Facebook.

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