After losing an eye in a severe storm, this cat has finally found someone to love

The three-month-old kitten, scared of a violent rainstorm, climbed up a tree in an attempt to find shelter. Unfortunately, she was too frightened to come back down, and her cries for help caught the attention of neighbors, including a young woman. Many of the people tried to reach the kitten, but each time they came close, the kitten, in a panic, climbed further up the tree. It seemed like she would be stuck up there for good.
When the group of neighbors realized that the tree, slick from rain, was too hard for the kitten to grip, they brought out a bed-sheet and waited to catch her with it. "She kept climbing out of reach. It was raining, so the tree was probably slippery. Eventually, she just fell out of it and we were able to catch her in a bed sheet," said the young woman, reddit user stuffybottle.
When the neighbors examined the kitten, they noticed that she had a severely infected eye. No one claimed the cat or knew anyone who owned her, so stuffybottle offered to give her a home and take her to a veterinarian.
The young woman named the kitten Calypso, and she gave the sweet cat a little bit of time to adjust to living indoors. "After I brought her home, I let her be, and one day I woke up with her sleeping at the end of my bed," stuffybottle said.
After that, it didn't take long for Calypso to bond with her owner and become her shadow. "Calypso is a bit of a purrer and likes to be close at all times," stuffybottle explained. "She's a cautious cat, but curious and smart if you give her time to approach things on her own. She has a really good memory — she still remembers the vet tech who gave her her first vaccines."
The veterinarian affirmed that Calypso's eye was infected and would have to be removed so she could live in comfort. Shortly before Christmas, Calypso had the surgery, then returned home to recover. Stuffybottle stated, "She's pretty much fully recovered now. The last time I took her to the vet, she weighed 5.3 pounds!"
Now Calypso is a happy, content kitten whose most strenuous job is to keep her owner company while she studies for her college courses. She is shy around people other than her human mom, but that will improve with time. "She's very comfortable with me now but she doesn't like other people, which is normal for ferals who have little contact with humans before three months," said stuffybottle.
Calypso now waits for her owner at the door every day and loves her forever home. She is now a snuggly, playful, eight-month-old kitten who deserves every wonderful thing that has come her way. "I could not have asked for a better cat!" said stuffybottle. And Calypso couldn't have asked for a better owner! Share this sweet story with your family and friends on Facebook.

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