Orphan kitty that is very underdeveloped has a big appetite and an even bigger will to live

The tiny kitten was found outside, his dead sibling next to him. No mother was in sight, and things did not look good for the kitten. Then, a kind woman found him and rushed him to a nearby Arizona rescue, Rescuing Animals in Need (RAIN). The rescue found the kitten an experienced foster, hoping that it wasn't too late to help this sweet soul have the life he deserved.
Melinda Blain was the foster who stepped in to save the kitten, named Mety. Even she was surprised at the kitten's small size. "He was one week old when he came to me, but the same weight as a newborn or one day old kitten," Blain said. "He's the sweetest little snuggle bug."
Indeed, as soon as Blain took little Mety into her arms, he immediately began purring and burrowing into her hair. "Mety was so malnourished, and he was found with his sibling who had already passed away. He's been a pretty quiet baby since the beginning. He is mellow and only gets noisy when he hears me getting his bottle ready," Blain explained.
And eat he did! Mety proved to be a champion eater, starting by the first day. He put on 20 grams of weight in just the first twenty-four hours that he was in Blain's care. "He already upped his weight by 20 percent in just a day, and he loves his kitten milk. He's such a sweetheart and purrs for after-meal cuddles," she said.
It was Met's incredible drive to live that has helped him defeat the odds that were stacked against him. "He has always been a strong eater and has quickly become a chunky baby who loves his bottle. It always worries me when I get babies that young that are underweight and malnourished, but he is such a fighter and the sweetest little guy," said Blain.
Recently, Mety had grown enough that he was taking his first few steps on his own. Blain said, "He started walking successfully in the past week. He always waddles since he has a chunky belly. He falls over occasionally, but he's becoming more and more coordinated!" ​
Now, Mety can walk on his own and use the litter box. "The little guy gets cuter every day! He's going to move to a playpen this week so that he can have more space to explore. He still just loves to hang out in my lap and soak up the love," Blain stated. "He's already made such tremendous progress and has been such a little healthy baby with a strong spirit!"
Mety is on his way to a happy, full life, thanks to Blain, RAIN, and the kind woman who found him in the first place. Follow Mety's adventures on Instagram, and share his story of strength and survival with your family and friends on Facebook.

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