Lost dogs see a cop car and decide the best way to get home is to hitch a ride

The car doors were open, and the two dogs were looking to find a free ride, so these partners in crime decided to take advantage of an opportunity that ca way. What began as a call about tire parts in the middle of the road became a saga to get two lost dogs back to their home.
The Saxony-Anhalt police in Germany were called about some tire debris causing a hazard on a section of the Autobahn. The police closed the road down, but while they were working on cleaning up the driving lanes, two dogs stole into one of the police cars whose doors had been left open.
These two pups were lost and confused, and so they looked for a secure place to hide out for a little bit. What they found was a police car with the doors open --- a perfect spot for security!
When they returned to their vehicle, the police officers were surprised to see it commandeered by two canine thieves! The official report on the dogs stated that they were "determined."
The officers managed to take back control of their vehicle and drove the two accomplices to the nearest animal shelter. Thankfully, they were only there for a short time. Their owner contacted the police about his missing dogs and was soon picking them up --- in his car --- to take them back home.
With the end of their short-lived car theft career, these two adorable dogs were remanded and released on their own recognizance. Hopefully, they will stick to adventures in their yard from now on! Share this amusing story with your family and friends on Facebook.

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