Couple was only supposed to foster kitten for two days but this kitty had another plan

Sthéfanie from Brazil's dogs were making a racket, so she decided she had best go see what was going on. She certainly wasn't prepared to find a soaking wet, shivering kitten was the object of the dogs' excitement. After an extensive search through the neighborhood, no one claimed the kitten.
Then Sthéfanie's friend Júlia Braule heard about the kitten and offered to help. She knew her father would be happy to have the kitten in their home, but her mom? Not so much. "My father, like me, loves and always wanted a cat, so he said 'Yes,' but my mother had that stereotype about cats being mean and cold creatures, so she wasn't so thrilled with the idea at the time I brought Luna home," Júlia remembers.
Finally Mom agreed that the kitten could stay—for two days. In that time, Júlia agreed and began looking for a home for Luna. "The moment Luna arrived, she was purring and exploring the whole house. My dog (Cookie) was scared of her at the beginning, and my mother wasn't happy about it. However, that changed in no time."
But you cannot thwart the plans a kitten makes for herself.
The next morning, Júlia's mother awoke to purrs and kitten kisses. The rest of the day, Luna followed the woman around the house, letting her know that she really wanted to stay. "My mother fell in love with Luna so fast and deeply that even I was shocked! By the second day I could feel that she really liked her, and she even started saying that we had five members in our family (me, mother, father, dog and cat)," Júlia laughs.
Cookie, the dog of the family, was a little reluctant to accept the kitty, but Luna insisted that they become fast friends. "Luna was immediately drawn to him, always wanting to play with his tail or fur but Cookie ran from her at first!"
"It took some time but now they play together and take naps together," Júlia relates.m"Luna even cries when my father takes Cookie for a walk!"
"Most of the day she is all cuddly with us and always by our side but sometimes she has these high energy moments and runs around the entire house," Júlia says. It's evident that this particular kitten was destined for this particular family.
Luna likes to get in on whatever is happening around her. When Júlia's mother sits down to write, Luna immediately sees it as an opportunity to play.
Although Luna obviously loves everyone in the household, her favorite person has turned out to be the most unlikely. "My mother loves her kitten and is glad that Luna is ours now. She even sends me pictures of her when I'm not home, saying how cute Luna is."
So, after all, it didn't take two days to find Luna the perfect home, because she was in it from day one. Do you agree that animals have a special way of making themselves indispensable to us? What are your experiences? Share them with us; we'd love to know!

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