Dog with "crooked" face finds a BFF to help make him feel better

Pulled from a high-kill shelter in Texas, rescuers from A Chance To Bloom weren't sure what they were getting into. Buttons was wheeled out to them in a wheelbarrow, and at first they thought maybe he couldn't walk. “The shelter just wheeled him out to us in a wheelbarrow,” Jessica Russell, president of A Chance to Bloom explained. “We had no idea what kind of shape he was in.”
A veterinarian's examination revealed that 3-year-old Buttons' head was permanently tilted to one side. Two scenarios present themselves as an explanation for the head tilt. Either he was born with a genetic anomaly or he had been kept in a crate too small for him as he grew. There's no way to know the why of it.
“We have no way of knowing for sure, but he was put on medicine to make sure his spinal fluids were draining correctly,” Russell said. “He’s perfectly healthy now, but his head will have a slight tilt all the time.”
Buttons might have been healthy, but he was certainly lonely. That's when he met 2-year-old Grace. She had been hit by a car and had to have a rear leg amputated as a result. Grace was as lonely as Buttons, but would they enjoy each other's company? The rescue staff decided to find out.
“They both had this look of defeat when we first pulled them from the shelter,” Russell said. “But when they got together, everything completely changed. It was instantaneous.” Instead of occupying two crates beside each other, the dogs insisted on being together. “Grace loves running and is always right there alongside him,” Russell said. “They love rolling in the grass together.”
“Buttons will cry if Grace is in another room,” Russell said. “She is like his security blanket.” Grace and Buttons live together at the shelter for now, but Russell is hopeful that they can find a forever home together.
Although both dogs are kind and gentle and great with kids, so far they've been passed by each time. “I think some people may be scared they’ll require more medical care than any other dog, but they’re about the same,” Russell said. “Once people meet them in person, they’ll fall in love,” she added. “Just watching the two of them together is really something special.”
Grace and Buttons are available for adoption. If you're interested or know someone who might be, you can fill out an application. Russell says she is open to an in-state or out-of-state adoption for the pair. Share this story with your friends. And tell us, don't you agree that they are beautiful?

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