+7 videos of extraordinary dogs doing extraordinary things

Most dog owners are happy if their dog masters the basics like sit, stay, recall, and potty training. But have you ever wished your dog had a secret talent that would someday be discovered? Even if your dog doesn't do much more than fetch and cuddle on the couch with you, you can still live the dream by watching the following dogs in action.
From handstands to flips to balancing acts, these dogs are amazing. Watch these videos, then share these pups' special talents with your family and friends online.
1. Meet Zeta, a unique and loving Border Collie. Zeta, a rescue dog, became famous for walking alongside her owner as he trekked the entire 3200m coast of South Africa. But Zeta was much more than just a loyal companion: she was a pure guiding light and friend to everyone she met. Watch her incredibly moving video, and have the tissues handy.
2. Sweep, puppy, sweep! Now that curling has earned more interest after the Winter Olympics, everyone is getting involved, including this adorable dog, Butters. Along with her teammate, this pup is working hard to push that rock down the ice. Watch the video of this future Olympian in training!
3. Hold that pose! These two Border Collies are stunningly amazing as they engage in a variety of balancing acts with their owner. For those of us who have hard enough time putting one foot in front of the other, these dogs are downright impressive. Watch and be amazed!
4. She's still in training. Adorable Olive loves carrots, especially when they are thrown off the patio to her while she is waiting on the ground floor. This video features Olive in training, because sometimes you win some, and sometimes you lose. Keep your head up, Olive!
5. Sweet, sweet freedom. Rex will perform this balancing act as long as he can get the treat at the end. Watch as he waits in anticipation for his owner's release word --- "Freedom!" --- and enjoy the show.
6. Mr. Banana is indeed waiting. There's nothing this pup won't do for his favorite banana toy, including dressing up in costume and doing a handstand --- pawstand? --- down the stairs. Check out this funny puppy's antics all in the name of getting his toy.
7. This dog can do it all! Look at Super Nova's video where she puts all other dogs to shame with her incredible talents. She can dance, frisbee, jump, balance, and flip. You name it, and she can do it! These clips are something else, so check them out.

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