6+ cat videos that are full of affection and love

Ask any cat owner, and they will immediately say that cats, even at their most standoffish, can and do show love to their humans. It is precisely because cats sometimes act in mysterious ways that we try so hard to win their affection and attention. After all, who doesn't feel special when that super aloof cat suddenly pauses to rub up against your leg or head butt you? Who would turn away the chance to have a purring cat curled up in your lap?
If you're looking for some cat love, we have just the videos for you to watch. These clips will make you smile, brighten your day, and make you want to hug your cat.
1. She really means it. This is one cat who speaks her mind, clearly and plainly! Watch the video and listen closely as the cat's owner asks her to say, "I love you." The cat repeats it back right away! Amazing!
2. It's like a tennis match...with kittens. These adorable babies were born to their mother shortly after she was rescued from the streets. Now they are growing up happy and healthy, and they love to play! Look at how closely they follow the toy being waved above them. It's cuteness overload!
3. Twice the fun playing with mom. Mercury, the mama cat, is throughly cleaning two of her kittens, Hubble and Aurora. At first, both kittens resist their mother's cleaning efforts, but they are no match for this veteran mama cat. So they devise a plan of their own! Watch as the two kittens turn bath time into play time!
4. All they need is some popcorn. This sweet cat just wants to be near his best human friend, an adorable little girl, as she watches a show on her tablet. Watch how gentle both of them are with each other in this very touching video.
5. This cat is a masseuse in training! This Chihuahua mix is in heaven as his cat friend gives him a salon treatment by cleaning and kneading his face and ears. Check out how he reacts when the cat turns the bath session into a play session!
6. This kid just wants to eat his cookie. But his best cat friend keeps getting in the way! The cat wants to tell the little boy how much he loves him with a gentle nuzzle and a head butt, however, this kid is all business when it comes to his cookie. Watch these two cuties interact with each other.

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