It's cat vs dog in these 7+ funny videos

It's a standoff as old as time: the cat versus the dog. While there are some dogs and cats who go out of their way to avoid each other and some who become best friends forever, there is also that group that walks the fine line between both extremes. Thankfully for us, these dogs and cats also provide lots of entertainment for our viewing pleasure.
The following videos will hopefully answer our burning questions as to which pet is better, smarter, sneakier, and funnier. So whose team are you on, Team Cat or Team Dog? Watch these clips and see if your team wins!
1. We'll call it a draw. These two friends love to play wrestle, and their antics are uplifting and heartwarming. While it's hard to tell if there is a clear winner here, let's say it's a draw and both these cuties win.
2. Respect this cat's authority! All is fair in love and war, and while this cat and dog are friendly at first, that changes pretty quickly when the dog gets a little too much in the cat's personal space. Watch as the cat wins this round by putting her dog friend in his place.
3. If only we all had this Husky's patience. Check out this video featuring a mischievous kitten and one incredibly tolerant Husky dog. Despite the little cat's sneak attacks from underneath the table, this dog takes it all in stride.
4. Playfights, swatting, and doggy zoomies, oh my! Louie and Oliver are adorable best friends who can't stop playing together. Their slow-mo smackdowns are full of gentle swats and nips, with the occasional Golden Retriever zoomie thrown into the mix. Watch this duo's video compilation and share the love!
5. Sleepovers aren't really for sleeping. Louis and Oliver are supposed to be getting ready for bed in this video, but Louis changes his mind and decides it's time to play instead! Enjoy this clip of these two friends wrestling until Oliver decides he's had enough.
6. May I chew on your face? It's a good thing that Fat Cat is a cool cat, too! He handles this Labradoodle's rather intrusive behavior with a calm attitude. Thankfully the Labradoodle has a soft mouth, so while Fat Cat is getting slimed and drooled on, he isn't getting hurt. Watch how he handles the dog chewing on his head!
7. Chester just can't resist Rocco's tail. Have a laugh watching this clip of clever Rocco the dog luring his kitten buddy, Chester, into playing with him. Rocco wags his tail to catch Chester's attention, and then the kitten springs into action! These two best buddies will bring a smile to anyone's face.

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