These needy dogs just need a bit of love. Check out these 7+ adorable videos

Like people, dogs want love and affection. And like people, some dogs can be a bit needier than others in desiring that adoration. In fact, sometimes dogs will go out of their way to let their owners know just how much love they require! But anyone who has ever earned the love of a dog knows that special bond is worth everything in the world, so it should be celebrated every chance possible.
The clips below feature a series of canines who are looking for love, and the lengths they go to get it are funny and sweet. These videos will put a smile on your face, so enjoy them and then share them with your friends and family.
1. "But I love you more!" Little Maisie wants her owner's attention, but he's busy watching a video on his computer. So she goes to drastic measures to make him understand what she wants! Watch this little puppy go to work in the video below.
2. What an interception! Does your dog get jealous if you're giving someone else your love? That's what happens here with two golden retrievers, Jake and Zoey. While Jake is getting a massage from his owner, Zoey decides to crash the party! Check out this hilarious video!
3. This basset hound is having a bad day, and he needs some attention. You know how a good hug can cheer you up on a rough day? Well, for this grumpy boy, hugs and scratches are definitely in order. Once his owner stops, he lets it be known that he is not a happy camper! Watch the clip and smile at this dog's reaction.
4. Twice the cuteness! Claire Bear and Ando are adorable Pekingese puppies who love each other and their owner. Revel in their endearing charm and watch them share the love in this sweet video.
5. Well, if it works... Lexi the Boxer is accustomed to getting her way in all things, but when she doesn't, well, she's come up with an effective way of moving the spotlight back onto her. Turn up the volume and watch how Lexi captures her owner's focus.
6. Persistence pays off for this pup. As Wednesday's owner tries to watch television, this little dog works hard to put the focus on her. We're definitely giving Wednesday some serious credit for her efforts. Watch the video and see if Wednesday wins in the end.
7. Who's the cutest of them all? It's too hard to choose! This video is full of puppies who want to love everyone around them. If you need a pick me up today, then this is the video to watch.

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