5+ dogs who got a second chance and are making the most of it

Many dogs, through no fault of their own, often find themselves in circumstances they don't deserve. Injuries and illnesses happen, and sadly, some dogs are failed by the people they love and trust who don't properly care for them. There are few stories as moving as those where the main character is given a second chance to have a better life. The following videos focus on dogs who faced terrible odds but found ways to overcome and survive.
Watch these heartwarming clips of courage and strength and marvel at these amazing dogs and what they have accomplished. Then share their courageous tales with your friends and family.
1. Have wheels, will travel. Meet Pudge, a Puggle who is partially paralyzed in her hind legs. Although she gave it her all, walking was a terrible challenge for her. Then, Pudge received a wheelchair which changed her whole life! Watch this moving video below, and have some tissues nearby.
2. The art of the wheelchair. Watch Pudge's patience at work as she goes through the process of being placed in her wheelchair. But when she gets to the park, watch out! This pup is on fire with her sweet chair. Check out how fast she can move in this video.
3. Nothing's going to stop me now! Meet Baby Hope, a sweet dog who only has two-and-a-half legs. Despite her handicap, Baby Hope has learned to adapt and move as well as her four-legged dog friend, Katie. Watch and smile at how this dog has adjusted to her new existence.
4. This dog went from rescued to loved. Riley, a yellow Labrador Retriever, was rescued from a hoarding situation. Injured and in serious pain, he was rescued and adopted by a woman who has done everything possible to give Riley a healthy, happy life full of love. Watch this moving adoption video about Riley's new life.
5. Best babysitter ever! Storm and Shadow are rescue puppies who have been placed in a foster home. There the two pups met Finn, an incredibly patient and loving cat who has shown these babies the ropes. Check out their sweet interactions in the following video.

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