6+ fun loving dogs and their unusual BFFs proving that species doesn't matter

Dogs are best known as man's best friend, but the truth is that they can be best friends with many other animals as well. It's amazing how open, accepting, and friendly some dogs can be toward other species. Often, dogs and cats form bonds, but the following videos show that canines can also develop connections with a variety of different animals as well.
Need some extra cuteness in your day? Want something to make you smile? Then watch these videos of dogs who have chosen some unique best friends to spend their time with.
1. You scratch my back... Meet Dobee the dog and his buddy, Cham Chi the pig. These two besties live on a farm in Transylvania. Cham Chi loves his canine companion so much that he gives Dobee massages. Watch this adorable video to see the true friendship between these sweet souls.
2. Why, hello there! Hector the Labrador had the chance to make some new --- and rather large --- friends when he met some cows at a nearby farm. They are as curious about him as he is of them! Check out their meeting in the video below.
3. Friends who play together, stay together. This Golden Retriever is thrilled to have a sheep as a new friend! Look at how happy and engaging he is and how the curious sheep is just as excited to play with him too.
4. These friends love to play together! At this sanctuary, this puppy and calf share the same energy and love for fun. Check out this clip of these two kindred spirits as they play. Despite their size difference, they are super sweet with one another!
5. Cuteness overload! Warning on this video: if you're low on cute, this clip will solve that problem fast! One adorable puppy helps clean up a baby cow after breakfast, and then it's playtime. Watch and enjoy this touching moment.
6. Friends are often the voice of reason. In this video, Frances the St. Bernard puppy learns a valuable lesson from her two goat friends. She has her opinion, but they have theirs too, and the puppy learns that sometimes being a best friend means listening rather than barking. Watch this cute interaction below.
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